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Focus3 creates tools for multimedia developers. While you, the developer, are our customer, it is what you create with those tools that inspires us. Your comments are welcome. Let us know how we can improve our products to get your project out the door.

Latest Release (4/6/97)

f3Export Xtra (Win32 version)

Focus3 goes cross-platform with the Windows version of f3Export! This Xtra allows you to export image cast members in both BMP and Jpeg formats.

Requirements: Director 5.0, Windows 95 or Windows NT (Intel only)

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Make sure to check Products & Downloads for our full catalog of Xtras!

Custom Xtras and Contract Work

Focus3 is available on a contract basis to develop custom Xtras that exactly meet your project needs. We are also available for general multimedia work, including Lingo scripting, art production, user interface development, and Java, C and C++ programming on both the Macintosh and the PC.

Give us a call or drop us an email so we can discuss how we can help make your project happen!

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TELEPHONE: (510)548-7847 Herbert Diamant